At Mulligan Sawmills we supply a huge range of timber products for your home and garden needs. With over 100 years of experience, we know how to source and make the best quality range of products for your needs. Here’s a selection of our product range:

Our Prices

Shiplap Board

Product No: 600

4.8m x 150mm x 18mm

Barrel Board

Product No: 831

4.8m x 125mm x 18mm

Picket Round Top

Delivery available


Off Sawn (Rough Finish)
Product No: 150 0.9m x 95mm x 16mm
3ft x 4’’ x 5/8’’
Product No: 151 1.2m x 95mm x 16mm
4ft x 4’’ x 5/8’’
Product No: 152 1.5m x 95mm x 16mm
5ft x 4’’ x 5/8’’
Product No: 153 1.8m x 95mm x 16mm
6ft x 4’’ x 5/8’’
Product No: 154 2.1m x 95mm x 16mm
7ft x 6’’ x 5/8’’

Timber Sizes

Delivery available

Product No: 250 1.8m x 150mm x 22mm
6ft x 6’’ x 1’’
Product No: 253 2.4m x 150mm x 22mm
8ft x 6’’ x 1’’
Product No: 276 1.5m x 150mm x 22mm
5ft x 6’’ x 1’’
4.8m x 225mm x 75mm
16ft x 9’’ x 3’’
4.8m x 225mm x 44mm
16ft x 9’’ x 2’’
Product No: 266 4.8m x 225mm x 22mm
16ft x 9’’ x 1’’
Product No: 275 4.8m x 150mm x 75mm
16ft x 6’’ x 3’’
Product No: 258 4.8m x 150mm x 44mm
16ft x 6’’ x 2’’
Product No: 259 4.8m x 150mm x 22mm
16ft x 6’’ x 1’’
Product No: 260 4.8m x 100mm x 44mm
16ft x 4’’ x 2’’
Product No: 263 4.8m x 100mm x 35mm
16ft x 4’’ x 1.5’’
Product No: 264 4.8m x 100mm x 22mm
16ft x 4’’ x 1’’
Product No: 261 4.8m x 75mm x 44mm
16ft x 3’’ x 2’’
Product No: 262 4.8m x 75mm x 35mm
16ft x 3’’ x 1.5’’
Product No: 273 4.8m x 50mm x 50mm
16ft x 2’’ x 2’’
Product No: 281 4.8m x 50mm x 35mm
16ft x 2’’ x 1.5’’
Product No: 267 4.8m x 50mm x 22mm
16ft x 2’’ x 1’’

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